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Mission Statement

TheArtsandMore, inc. is a non-profit organization in NYC and NJ. We believe that through education and participation in various arts enriches one’s life and society as a whole.  

TheArtsandMore exists to help develop a deep appreciation and perception of all the arts, 

to redefine their value in society. 

TheArtsandMore exists because of the various contributions from all members and we strongly believe that it is the main power to enrich people’s life and soul.  


Dr. Ohmyung Ha, 

Dr. Youngmi Ha,

 Mr. Wataru Itoh, 

Dr. Carleton Palmer, 

Dr. Steven Rosenhaus 


Ms. Youngan Ha 

Seunghee Bang (Admin) 

Researchers/Contributors with specialized skills and talents

Mr. Youngsoo Choi(Attorney), 

Ms. Youngju Ha(Korean Painting), 

Ms. Janice Lee(Guggenheim Graphic Designer),  Mr. Joongguk Lee(Herbal Doctor) , 

Mr. Youngsang Lee(Herbal Doctor), 

Ms. Younghae Lee(Architect) , 

Dr. Eunjin Kim(Education), 

Dr. Eunyang Kim(Music), 

Ms. Jiaoyue Liu(Music Teacher in NYC), 

Dr. Chianan Yen(Music), 

Dr. Seounghun Yoon(Pharmaceutics),  

Ms. Oh Yun(Drama /Korean), 

Mr. Roger Mahadeen(Conductor, Violinist),

 Mr. Chien-Nien Chen(Composer), 

Ms. Youngmi Chang(Korean Traditional Painter), Ms. Suji Lee(Pianist) 

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