Making Music / Connecting with Music

Who we are


 Youth Music Festival at NYU creates a new, collaborative way of sharing original new music with young musicians and their teachers. This opportunity provides the core concept of collaboration, understanding one’s mind through music.  

Announce coming events


  • 2017 Youth Music Festival hosts its first family holiday concert on the 13th of December (Wednesday) in NYU Global Center, Grand Hall, NYC NYU Grand Hall at 7pm. 
  • 2018 May, ISO(Inter School Orchestra, NYC) will read two NYU composers works as part of Spring Youth Music Festival

What we do


  Composers will have an interesting experience of writing music for the various groups/levels/interest of young musicians whereas young musicians will learn/meet/perform the new works by living composers.  

Youth Music Festival comprises of concert(s), recording session(s) in NYU Dolan Studio, meeting with composers and young musicians 

to collaborate and rehearse, and weekend workshops. Each year, YMF produces a CD (audio recording) of concerts and recording sessions. 

In 2018, YMF launches a new sharing program "Musical Minds" to match volunteer music lovers/ teachers with students who cannot afford to pay tuitions. 

Past Concerts


  • 2017 Youth Music Festival Concert on October 14th, in NYU Loewe Theater
  • 2016 Youth Music Festival Concert on October 13th, in NYU Loewe Theater 
  • 2015 Youth Music Festival Concert on February 20th, in NYU Black Box Theater 

Share the big news


2017 Youth Music Festival CD(audio) will be published in March 2018. Stay tuned for an announcement. 

YMF wishes to find volunteers for "Musical Minds" program.  

Contact / FAQs


Anyone interested in creating or sharing new music with young musicians, please contact us.