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Who we are


  It’s a community base-support program for adults and Korean community with a concept of having a living person as a book/guidance.  

Announce coming events


January 2018 Korean American Community : Giving Shoes Out to our grandmas 

What we do


   Members meet every month (third friday at 6pm) in Books  Koreana, Flushing, NY.  Topics cover from a simple way of learning how to use apps and features in cell-phone to poetry, health, insurance, mind, cooking and many more.  Each month, a different human book is invited to the meeting.  

New Book Announcement - 2017


2017 May Tea Master Oh Myung Ha's Tea Story : Tea Study (하오명의 차 이야기: 다학) 

Author's meesage: 

단순히 한잔의 차(茶)를 음다(飮茶)하는 것도 소중하겠지만, 차(茶)에 대한 여러 부분을 공부하면 차(茶)에 대한 이해의 폭을넓히고, 차(茶)를 통해 올바른 가치와 문화의 소중함을함께 깨우치게 되리라는 저의 생각과 바램으로 글을 쓰기 시작하였습니다. 차(茶)공부의 길에 “다학(茶學)이란 무엇인가?”라는 큰 명제를 두고 그동안 강의한 자료들을 바탕으로 다학(茶學)의 교재 20강으로 준비하였습니다.  

English Version can be found in Chapter 20 : Korean Tea Ceremony 

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Contact / FAQs


If you or your friend is interested in becoming a member or volunteer lecturer  of Human Book, please contact us.  Or you can recommend your friend or family who can share their time, talent, interest or specialization for the community.