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Be1. Youth Group

  What is this? It’s a creative educational program for youth (teens) with a human book/Be 1. Youth Club that is specialized in various arts and education, building art works together. In making art works, kids will discover their hidden talents or ideas, and learn how to collaborate with others.  A friendship and leadership will also be the valuable lesson one will have from various activities, including  

  • Building Leadership/Friendship 
  • Making Movie
  • Making Music
  • Making Arts
  • Making Stories

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Paper Kids (Club)

   What is this? It’s a program/club building a friendship and leadership through making Origami for teens. Origami is the paper folding art from Asia and had become popular in the states over the years. And kids in NJ are finding it as a tool to build the friendship as well as a valuable tool to help others who are in needs. 

Origami is the fundamental tool of making art works but adapting other materials and ideas will broaden one’s mind to see how one connects to the others. Paper Kids is a youth group formed by Kevin Ju, Andrew Qin, Kyle Schubert, Brian Yoon (President), Jimmy Yu, and Daniel Woo who have high prospects to educate and share the fun and building a friendship by making origami. Paper kids donate their works to various places, including hospitals, libraries and groups where other kids can enjoy their works.

 All members have been teaching community members and other kids how to make Origami through workshops and presentations in the libraries, NJ and NY.  

  • 2018 May Paper Folding Competition 
  • Paper Folding Workshop (Museum, Library, School, Nursery, and Birthday Party) 
  • Community Service with paper folding (Nursery and Hospital) 
  • School Club 

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Youth Music Festival @ NYU

  What is this?  Youth Music Festival at NYU creates a new, collaborative way of sharing original new music with young musicians and their teachers. Composers will have an interesting experience of writing music for the various groups/levels/interest of young musicians whereas young musicians will learn/meet/perform the new works by living composers.  Each season the concert will be based on 

a different theme / media.  This opportunity provides the core concept of collaboration, understanding one’s mind through music.   

  • 2018 May (TBA) Reading Band music by ISO 
  • 2017 December 13th Holiday Concert in NYU Global Center Grand Hall 7pm Free to public
  • 2017 October 14th Concert in NYU Loewe Theater 
  • 2016 October 13th Concert in NYU Loewe Theater 
  • 2015 February 20th Concert in NYU Black Box Theater 

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Human Book

  What is this? It’s a community base-support program for adults and Korean community with a concept of having a living person as a book/guidance.  Members meet every month (third friday at 6pm) in Books  Koreana, Flushing, NY.  Topics cover from a simple way of learning how to use apps and features in learning how to use cell-phone to poetry, health, insurance, mind, cooking and many more.  Each month, a different human book is invited to the meeting.  

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Current Event supported by TheArtsandMore

Mixed Bag Music on January 27th, 2018 7:30pm at Tenri, NYC. 

Introducing music influenced by Japanese culture and spirit. 

  • Featuring works by Toru Takemitsu, Miho Hazama, Dai Fujikura, Wataru Itoh, Kohei Kondo, Masatora Goya and Chatori Shimizu